Work your life's work like a BOSS!

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?  Do you want balance, harmony, and success on YOUR terms?  Learn tools to help you grow both personally and professionally to own or operate your work life without exhaustion! Get the resources you need to reach your full potential and create the culture of success you desire!


These programs are not for the complacent and faint at heart! This is for the ambitious "go-getters" motivated to GSD (Get Stuff Done)!  Those open to innovative and creative ideas that create an edge in their industry.  Those willing to roll up their sleeves and do the dirty work.  For those who desire more and have the guts to go for it!  Those who can listen to experienced and successful guidance with follow through.

The Edge to Elevate

5 key strategies to 6 & 7 Figures

Stop being "self-employed" and become the entrepreneur you have always dreamed about! This program is for the business owner who wants to build a strong foundation, learn to make their mark, control chaos, and create supportive teams!  You will also learn empowering leadership skills that will significantly aid in the overall success of your business!

Elevate Peak Performance

This program is for business owners and professional leaders looking to grow in leadership skills and create teams of "peak performers"! Raise the standard of excellence and learn how to hire the "right" people as well as train and develop appropriately to achieve success.

Financially Fit Fiercely Fulfilled 

This program is for anyone wanting to define who they are and get clarity on what they want!  Learn proven methods to leverage systems, impact others, and have the income you desire! You will obtain full support and resources to intentionally grow both, personally and professionally, to WORK LIFE LIKE A BOSS! 

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The Edge to Elevate 

 Business Owners

4 Month Program

4- 1:1 In Office "Hybrid" Coaching & Consulting 

Weekly 1 Hr. Calls

Guide Books

Operational Manuals

Forms & Checklists

Agreements & Acknowledgments

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​Elevate Peak Performance

 Business Owners Professional Leaders

8 Week Program

1:1 Weekly Online Coaching

Recorded Webinars



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Financially Fit & Fiercely Fulfilled 

All Professionals

4- 1:1 Online Coaching Call 

24 HR Access to Resources and Tools to Money Management  

Subscriptions for Financial Services and Professional Development Tools

Self-Discovery & Relational Literacy Tools

Weekly Group Meetings

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